RTA, Hypermedia Grant Equiti Group Signature - Naming Rights of Umm Al Sheif Metro Station for 10 Years
Habib Wehbi: We Turn Brands into Landmarks

April 2022

The Naming Rights of Umm Al Sheif metro station has been fully rebranded as Equiti metro station for a period of 10 years.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) partnership with Hypermedia took yet another step forward with granting the Signature - Naming Rights of the Umm Al Sheif Metro Station, to Equiti Group, a leading provider of brokerage services across individuals, companies and organizations.

The Naming Rights of Umm Al Sheif metro station has been fully rebranded as Equiti metro station for a period of 10 years. The station operates on the Red Line of the Dubai metro network and features a strategic location, thanks to connectivity to several key roads, and proximity to iconic landmarks of Dubai.

“The naming rights for metro stations represent a rewarding investment opportunity for numerous companies and businesses in the UAE to promote their brands in Dubai, which stands out as a unique front for a variety of mega corps and a grand platform for major financial and business firms. Dubai Metro stations are a strategic location for investors to showcase their brands. The metro is the mainstay of transportation in Dubai and a key hub in the daily commute of hundreds of thousands of various community members,” commented Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Kalbat, CEO of Rail Agency, RTA.

"This new partnership franks Dubai’s prestigious profile, the reality of business at various levels. It enhances the confidence of major companies and investors in RTA’s projects in Dubai. The partnership also showcases the role of this vital sector in achieving sustainable economic growth, through capital and investment injections in RTA’s development projects, particularly Dubai Metro, the pioneering mass transit system and the lifeline of passengers’ transport in the emirate,” added Kalbat.

Mohamed Al Ahmad, Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Kalbat, Iskandar Najjar and Habib Wehbi.

Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO, said: “Equiti is honoured to have been invited to be a part of the infrastructure and community of the UAE through the naming rights of one of Dubai’s most centrally located metro stations on Sheikh Zayed Road.

“As a global broker, we are exceptionally pleased to collaborate with the Roads and Transport Authority on our journey to becoming the most prominent multi-asset, multi-platform broker in the UAE.”

Commenting on the partnership, Mohamed Al Ahmad, CEO of Equiti Securities Currencies Brokers LLC, said: “We are very excited about our partnership with the RTA and look forward to be a part of the UAE by bringing our financial services offering to this generous country.

“We are proud of our partnership with RTA and Equiti Group, by using such a powerful iconic OOH media platform to turn brands into landmarks. It is a profound opportunity for brands such as Equiti Group to forge an alliance with the government of Dubai to dominate the most visible media platform in the UAE”, said Habib Wehbi, chairman and CEO of Hypermedia.